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This course is aimed at both professional and non-professional people who:

  • have noticed that their English ability has suffered through lack of practice;
  • may have taken an English course and have a good grasp of the principles, but hey need a 'shot in the arm'
  • wish to address specific language learning needs.

Key features

This course will refresh key grammar areas, extend your active vocabulary and thus help you to develop fluency in both reading and writing.

    · Minimum age required: 18

    · Level of English required: Upper-intermediate or above

    · No textbook required.

    · All materials are provided.

    · Price: 25 € per lesson 



This programme is perfect for you if you want to:

  • learn language useful for everyday social, study or work life – including discussions, conversations, presenting information and telephoning;
  • live or study in an English speaking environment;
  • Improve your everyday language skills and be able to communicate effectively with a variety of people in a number of different contexts;
  • increase your fluency and confidence;
  • improve your competence in using English (or Croatian) in everyday social situations.

Key features 

Covers all aspects of language learning – listening, speaking and pronunciation, reading and writing, with a balance of language structure and practical usage.

      · For students of all levels.      

      · Minimum age required: 14

      · Level of language required: Elementary or above

      · Textbook and Student’s book required.

      · All other materials are provided.

      · Price: 20 € per lesson


If you want to sit for a specific test, lessons can be made using the test's syllabus. Some of the tests you may wish to prepare for are:

      - Preliminary English Test (PET)

      - First Certificate in English (FCE)

      - Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

      - International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

      - Test of English as a Foreign Language (US-TOEFL)

This programme is ideal for you if:

  • you want to improve your English by working towards a recognised qualification;
  • you need to demonstrate to your employer or sponsor that you have made progress while studying English;
  • you need to prove your language level for entrance to a school, college or university, or for prospective employment;
  • you want to learn about examination strategy and skills.

Key features

You will improve your overall language ability whilst developing the skills and techniques needed to pass the exam.

      · Regular practice in all areas of the examination.

      · Minimum age required: 16

      · Level of English required: Intermediate or above

      · Course book required.

      · All other materials are provided.

      · Price: 20 € per lesson



This course is aimed at experienced working people, or students preparing for a Business Studies degree or an MBA, who wish to:

  • effectively use English in the workplace or at university;
  • develop their communication and networking skills;
  • learn essential English language skills for communicating efficiently in a range of business contexts;
  • further develop the English skills necessary for communication with visitors or members of staff from other countries such as telephoning and mails/faxes/letters.

Key features

Designed to improve language skills in a professional context. Includes subjects such as communication in the workplace, participation in meetings, writing skills in business situations and interview techniques.

Attuned to the participant’s individual training requirements and everyday work practice, whatever their objective: oral skills, written skills, or personal effectiveness.

Grammar will be revised in accordance with the needs of the participants.

      · Minimum age required: 18

      · Level of English required: Upper-intermediate or above

      · Textbook and Student’s book required

      · All other materials are provided

      · Price: 30 € per lesson